Aalok Health Care Limited: Public feedback is important to ensure patient satisfaction

Aalok Health Care Limited is a known organization in Mirpur. Recently they adopted Kolorob app to get patients feedback on the services they are providing. According to the public feedback, following two changes were made:

  • Placed a plastic tool beside water filter thus service recipients can drink water sitting there.
  • Toilet tissues are supplied in the toilets proportionately with patients’ flow.

Concern person of Aalok Health Care Limited shared, Kolorob makes things easy to get feedback regarding services just by a single text even if when admin is out of the office he can respond. He is considering Kolorob as a monitoring tool as it is helping him to know the area of improvement from the people whom they are serving. Follow up of hygiene and cleanliness is tough in the hospital particularly when the patient flow is high. For instance, Kolorob is helping hospital authority in getting information. He thinks, Kolorob app helped them in getting public trust as public feedbacks were considered seriously and actions are being taken promptly

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