Campaign at Pogose Laboratory School and College

Kolorob Social Accountability Project, a project of Save the Children, has introduced an idea of social accountability through Kolorob app over smart phone for the service providers, service recipients and the community as a whole.


To let children know about the Kolorob app, a campaign was launched on August 1, 2018 in Pogose Laboratory School and College in Dhaka.

The main objective was to make children aware about the app so they can inform their parents and their community and urge them to establish the social accountability mechanism. Moreover, Children were briefed on Save the Children and child protection.


To make the campaign more participating and lively, a quiz competition was arranged. In the quiz competition, children were asked questions based on the presentation. The winner of the competition was given a Kolorob mug as a prize.
Around 250 students of class IX-X were present in the campaign.

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