Change story of Holy Hearts Preparatory School

Since 2009 Holy Hearts Preparatory School is giving educational services with a moto ‘education with morality’. The Principal as well as the founder of this school were able to create a good image in the locality because of the easy access in his office room regarding any issues. From this practice, he has been benefited in many ways such as guardians’ suggestions, opinion etc. Kolorob added a new dimension as guardians are giving their feedback more spontaneously through the app. Very recent this school brought two changes in the school. They provided benches in the waiting spaces for guardians and they prohibited harmful food (chips, chocolate etc) in the classroom.

School authority considers Kolorob as an updated form in this era/generation and by accepting it they are also upgrading themselves with this technology. Currently, he has over 600 active followers in Kolorob.

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