Dhaka Uddan Laboratory:

  • Semi-Automatic water purifier is mitigating water crisis
  • Waterlogging is no longer a matter of concern
  • Hygienic washrooms brought smile in students’ face

Semi-Automatic water purifier is mitigating water crisis:

Since the establishment of Dhaka Uddan Laboratory school there was no source of pure drinking water except big water jar which used to come from the vendor on daily basis. Students had this requirement to have pure drinking water facility own but could not explain the necessity to the school authority. Kolorob Mobile Application bring the opportunity before teachers and students to get to know the opinion/ feedback/requirements of students via anonymous feedback. Students utilized the opportunity appropriately by giving feedback and in response of the received feedback fschool authority took initiative installing semi-automatic water purifier

Waterlogging is no longer a matter of concern:

Now a days having a playground in the school is blessing for any student. Students of Dhaka Uddan Laboratory School are very fortunate as they have a big playground. But for a long time waterlogging was causing obstacles for outdoor games and easy movements. However, since July the students are not facing this problem as the surface of the playground was made little bit higher filled by soil and 2 drains were constructed for easy water passing. To bring this change Kolorob feedbacks played a big part. The authority said, “Kolorob feedback is a strong evidence to illustrate before donor, land/building owner or respective individuals in order to get permission in bringing changes”

Students are satisfied getting the Hygienic washrooms:

A good environment of school relies on some criteria such as proper waste disposal system, cleanliness, good sanitation, playground etc. Dhaka Uddan Laboratory accommodates 300 students who have adequate sanitation facilities but school had no respective individuals for regular maintenance. As a result, students were facing problem when they had to stay for longer period of time at school and felt uncomfortable using the washrooms. As this is a bit embarrassing topic to discuss openly with the teacher, school authority did not pay attention to improve sanitation facilities. Very recently school authority brought a huge change in improving sanitation quality by assigning a toilet cleaner. Besides, water supply is now available all the while. These changes occurred after getting feedbacks from the service recipients through Kolorob Mobile Application. Students expressed, it is easy to give feedback through Kolorob about sensitive or complex issue which is not so simple to discuss directly with the school authority. Anonymous feedback system playing significant role in avoiding conflict or misunderstanding between students’ teacher relationship, school authority shared.

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