1. What is Kolorob?

Answer: It is a mobile application developed by Save the Children. The main objective of this app is to strengthen accountability mechanism of service providers through an ICT based approach. Using this app will help community people to have access on the detail information of their nearby service centers, find their locations easily.

2. Who can use this application?

Answer: The app is currently available for android users only. Anyone who owns an android phone can use this application.

3. How can I download this app on my phone?

Answer: Anyone can download the app from Google Play Store (

4. How does Kolorob work? What is the process?

Answer: Community people can find necessary information about different service centers through Kolorob. They can also provide feedback on service centers through this app. Service providers review the feedback including comments and ratings and take necessary actions for the improvement of services. They deliver statistics on feedback of customer’s needs & demands to the authority. Authority provides support to service providers according to the policy. Then, Service provider will announce their actions and improvements to the community through the app. Thus, community people receive improved and better service.

5. What features Kolorob provides to service recipients?

Answer: Here are some major options available for general users:

Access to information: Kolorob users can access detail information of various service centers such as address, contact details, opening and closing hours, types of services, if there are any special or free of cost services available etc.

OpenStreetMap: Users can also have the information of location and direction of different service centers through OpenStreetMaps along with estimated time and cost to reach the center. Besides, users can save nearby service center’s information in the app and use it offline.

Adding information: Registered Kolorob users can add information of any service provider. After proper verification, the added information will be visible in the app.

Rating and Feedback: Users can rate and provide feedback on specific indicators for service providers and share their opinions via comment. In addition, the users will be able to get the updated information, announcements and take part in surveys conducted by the service providers.

6. Will my identity get exposed if I provide feedback?

Answer: No. User’s identity is completely confidential. Through anonymous feedback system, user’s information will remain undisclosed even if the user comments or rates service providers on specific indicators.

7. Will I get any financial benefit?

Answer: No, Save the Children won’t provide any financial support or benefit.

8. Then what benefits will I get through this app?

Answer: Users can access information of different service centers, get the location and direction of service centers through OpenStreetMaps along with estimated time and cost to reach the center. Moreover, users can rate and provide feedback to improve service quality as well as add information of service providers.


9. How can I become a Kolorob registered service provider?

Answer: Any service provider can apply to maintain their own service point in Kolorob by submitting proper documents. To apply, service provider can contact with Kolorob Team via email (

10. Do I have to pay for maintaining my service point in Kolorob?

Answer: No. Service providers can use the app free of cost.

11. What are the features available for service provider?

Answer: Here are some major options available for Service Providers:

Updating information: Service providers can update their information through the app.

Maintaining service points separately:  Multiple service points can be added under a single authority. Thus, authority can maintain multiple service points separately.

Dashboard: Service providers can review feedback, ratings, survey and other statistics through a dashboard.

Surveys: Service providers can conduct surveys to improve quality of service.

Announcement: Service providers can announce their updates, notices etc. to the community through the app.

12. What benefits will service providers receive?

Answer: Service providers can get feedback from their clients which will help them improve their service quality. They can communicate with consumers/customers through the app which will help them reach their business goals.

Volunteer Queries

1. How can I become a volunteer?

Answer: Kolorob users can also become volunteers. Anyone can find the option “Volunteer Access” from the app, fill in the form and submit application to become a volunteer. His/her application will be reviewed and she/he will be contacted if she/he gets selected as a volunteer.

2. What are the responsibilities a volunteer has to fulfill?

Answer: Collecting data, engaging other youth are the key responsibilities. Other responsibilities can be assigned if needed.

3. What benefits will I receive if I become a volunteer?

Answer: A volunteer will get the chance to participate in trainings and workshops on Data Collection Tool System.
Get the opportunity to avail hands-on experience on Social Accountability Mechanism.
Will receive certificates.

4. Will I receive any stipend?

Answer: No, volunteers won’t receive any stipend.

5. Does volunteering ensure job at Save the Children?

Answer: Volunteering doesn’t ensure job at Save the Children.