The ‘Kolorob app’ concept was created by Save the Children in Bangladesh with support from Save the Children Australia and Western Sydney University in 2015 as an innovative product to address the specific challenge of addressing the lack of information of services and service providers among the slum dwellers in Dhaka City.

The project began with an ambitious design to map services and businesses in two areas of the northern Dhaka district of Mirpur, Baunia badh and Paris Road, where SCIBD had prior community connections and relationships. Formally, the project was piloted in Ward No: 3 and 5 of Zone 2, and later expanded into Ward No: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 of Zone 2 and Ward: 9-16 of Zone 4 of Dhaka North City Corporation. As of February 2017, the Kolorob App beta version on Google Playstore launched with 10,257 downloads with a rating of 4.7. ICT Division of Ministry of Post & Telecommunication in Bangladesh in collaboration with World Summit Mobile Award has announced the National Mobile Application Award 2016 and the KOLOROB App is the Champion in ‘Inclusion & Empowerment’ category.

Based on the learning, by winning the ‘Innovation Challenge Fund’ of SCUS in 2017, Kolorob started its new journey for strengthening accountability mechanism of service providers in selected areas in Dhaka City. The application will help in improving health, education and protection services following an ICT based mechanism. Project has been implementing 36 Wards of Dhaka North and South City Corporations.