Kolorob made me confident

My name is Farhana Akter. I live in a small city called Dhoniya, Kodomtoli in Narayanganj. I completed my degree in Diploma Engineering form Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute.

One day my eyes got stuck on a Facebook post. It was about a workshop arranged by Save the Children. I felt an urge to join the workshop. So I followed the instruction given on that post to participate in it. That two-day long workshop was on OpenStreetMap and Data Collection Tool in Mirpur. That was how I got in touch with Kolorob. When I went home from the workshop, I felt I have learnt a lot of new things.

Some of my friends started their professional life already. But I never worked with a team or in field level. I thought I was lagging behind which made me unsure about my ability.
Then I contacted a friend of mine and asked her if she is interested. She immediately liked the concept of Kolorob and the motto of the project. We started working together. I can’t describe in words how beautiful it feels to work for social changes with an organization like Save the Children.
Now I’m working with a big team, with big dreams in my eyes that I’ll be able to contribute for the society through Kolorob.

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