My mother inspired me to work for Kolorob

I’m Samia Afrin Juli. I live in Shewrapara, Dhaka. Currently I’m studying in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Green University. One of my university friends informed me about Kolorob Social Accountability Project. I was very drawn to the project. I think it is great that Kolorob hopes to ensure general people’s participation in the process of development and accountability of service providers. Access of information on service centers is another reason why I think this app is helpful for mass people.

But I was unsure of working with the Kolorob team as I did not have any experience in field work before. Then my mother, Hasina Begum, inspired me to join the team.

Whenever I thought of stepping behind, my mother encouraged me and never let me stop. She always motivated me to bring positive changes in the society. In most cases, she went to the field with me. She was there with me at the whole time of data collection in the field so that I get the full support.

I can’t thank my mother enough. I am also grateful to Kolorb team for giving us the opportunity. It is a wonderful experience for both of us.

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