Thalassaemia Samity and Hospital

Service recipients’ feedback is the instrument that can play a vital role in bringing positive changes in service points. Sometimes changes are just some feedbacks away. Thalassaemia Samity and Hospital is the example who brought 3 changes and within 2 weeks after receiving feedback from patients. Those are:

  • Arranged for separate washrooms for males and females; previously which was common
  • Installed a water treatment filter in the waiting room
  • Started to provide residential facilities completely free of cost for the underprivileged community
  • Took initiatives to maintain doctors’ schedule sincerely 

Thalassaemia Samity and Hospital’s authority expressed their gratitude towards Kolorob team because they have the intention to provide the best services to the patients but had no idea patients wanted the above changes. If authority did not receive feedback from patients, these changes probably would not have happened. Patients are also delighted to have the facilities they desired.

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