Udayon Residential School and College: Anonymous feedbacks reduced communication gaps which helped in improving service quality.

To improve service quality, communication between a service provider (SP) and a service recipients (SR) is always assistive. But in the context of Bangladesh, community people are not habituated to connect with the service providers in terms of sharing feedback regarding services, whether it is maintaining good quality or not. Kolorob app is bridging the communication gap between school authority, and students and parents in Udayon Residential School and College. Now, guardians are freely sharing their opinion through Kolorob which is directly being submitted to the school authority. Feedbacks are kept anonymous to avoid the possibility of conflicts or misunderstandings between SP and SR, which influenced a lot of service recipients in providing feedback. Below changes were brought based on the feedback:

  1. School authority installed a water filter for the students. Previously there was a filter only for the teachers
  2. Improved sitting arrangement placing some benches in guardians’ waiting area
  3. Dislodged and repaired a toilet and made it usable

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