Having access to accurate and detail information of various service providers is essential for community people. The available information about health, education and child protection issues doesn’t always come from authentic source. Then again, there is no easy way to provide feedback or to exchange information between service providers and recipients. In this regard, Save the Children has developed a mobile application named Kolorob.

The main objective of this app is to strengthen accountability mechanism of service providers through an ICT based approach. Community people can get the detail information of their nearby service centers by using this app. They can rate and provide anonymous feedback on different services which will help the service providers to improve quality of services.

Initially, this project is running throughout 36 municipality wards of Dhaka North and South City Corporation. The app is rated as beneficial to both service providers and receivers. By ensuring mass people participation in the process of development and accountability of service providers, Kolorob is expected to have significant influence in assuring high quality services. Kolorob believes this app will be helpful for children, caregivers, community members, parents and service providers and aims to improve health, education and child protection services. The app is currently available for android users only.