Kolorob / কলরব | Lighting Up The City
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Kolorob aims to empower users through the use of ICT in navigating their cities to make informed choices in accessing essential services.


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This app allows you to share your views after using a service.

This app enables you to readily navigate any location or service provider in your area.

This app enables you to determine alternative routes, estimate travel costs and distances from one location to another.

This app enables you to compare two or more institutions to make better informed choices.

This app centralizes employment opportunities.

This app acts as a service provider directory, providing detailed information on a diverse range of services from education, health, financial, entertainment, legal aid and government services.


Contact our Kolorob Team info@kolorob.net or visit us at our kiosk at House No. 09, Block A, Baunibadh for a chat about the app.