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What is Kolorob?

Kolorob is an android application with a directory of services, a map to allow you to find the places you are looking for, a ‘compare’ function to allow you to compare costs and quality of services, and a feedback function to enable users to pass on valuable insider knowledge on service providers to others.

Why Kolorob?

Cities are the future for Bangladesh with estimations of Bangladesh becoming an urban country by 2039. The World Bank estimates that the urban population is likely to double in the next twenty years from 52.5 million people in 2010 to 98.6 million people by 2030. These migrants, moving into unfamiliar areas of a new city, suffer spatial, social and economic exclusion, limiting their capability to access opportunities and basic social services despite their desire to create better lives for themselves and their children. Our proposed response to this development issue is through the use of mobile technology, internet and visual mapping applications.

What’s the story behind the name?

Kolorob is Bengali for ‘clamour’, but without the rough edges of the English word. In the local context, ‘Kolorob’ signifies when large numbers of people gather together to talk, exchange information and converse about their daily lives. The application Kolorob aims to create an open space for dialogue between those who provide services and those who use services, and thus can be described as a marketplace and information exchange for local people on essential services that they need in their daily lives.

Which communities does Kolorob target?

Kolorob’s vision is to create an online platform and physical space that improves access to information on essential services aimed at reaching a large proportion of people living in poor urban settlements, with a focus on the estimated 2-3 million residents living below the poverty line in Dhaka. More specifically, Kolorob has the potential to impact the growing young population and social mobilisers within their neighbourhoods. Bangladesh already has 13.2 million social media users, which presents a unique opportunity to grow huge across Dhaka.

Where can I download Kolorob from?

Kolorob can be downloaded from the Google playstore via https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=demo.kolorob.kolorobdemoversion.

What if we want to access the application but do not have a smartphone or tablet?

Kolorob has two information kiosks in its two project sites in Bauniabadh area and Paris Road, which act as a touch point for those who do not have access to mobile phone technology. The information kiosk also provides a space for people who want a guided tour through the application, or would like the opportunity to talk through some services available in the area with our local Youth Facilitators.

Who are the Kolorob mappers?

Kolorob has been largely driven by the spirit of volunteerism with young people leading the effort to map the sites, collect and upload data, conduct research, build the software and maintain a strong social media presence. Eighty young students were selected out of 150 participants who applied for the ‘Map Your Community’ initiative. These 80 young students were trained by a leading Bangladeshi GIS mapping expert on how to use Open Street Maps, how to collect data from geographic locations, engage with people in communities and help upload data into Kolorob.

How do I get involved with Kolorob?

Kolorob is always looking for enthusiastic supporters who can help us spread the word about Kolorob. Stay tuned into our website and social media outlets for future updates about upcoming job opportunities!

Also feel free to contact our Kolorob Team at info@kolorob.net for a chat about the app.