Kolorob / কলরব | Kolorob app for Mirpur Residents
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Kolorob app for Mirpur Residents

In Bangladesh, everyday new faces are migrating to different areas of Dhaka city in search for better livelihood opportunities. Alongside the rapidly increasing migrating population, the demand for better information and accountability to services in cities is also increasing, such that there is an increased demand for access to reliable information. As a result, Save the Children in Bangladesh has developed the Kolorob app with reliable data on quality services, in attempt to reduce the information gap amongst low-income community residents in Mirpur, Dhaka.

Kolorob is a free Android mobile application, detailing information on health, education, financial, entertainment, legal aid and Government facilities. You can easily compare the cost of services for schools and colleges, or hospitals and pharmacies, as well as compare the quality of services through the app.

The Kolorob app allows you to comment or add feedback on a service once you have visited or view others comments and feedback to make a more informed choice on which service you utilize. Two of the newest features in the app include namely the Bazaar tool and job portal.  The bazaar tool allows you exchange, sell or buy goods and services, whereby the job portal connects job seekers to employers for low-income residents.

Kolorob has expanded and scaled into the majority of Mirpur area, with plans to scale into the rest of Mirpur by December 2016.
The Kolorob app can be downloaded free from Google Play Store via the following link-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=demo.kolorob.kolorobdemoversion
For more information about Kolorob visit the Kolorob website- http://www.kolorob.info/ and join the conversation through our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/scib.kolorob/.

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