Kolorob / কলরব | Raza and his journey with Kolorob
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Raza and his journey with Kolorob


Raza, an 18 years old young man is living in Mirpur 11 from his birth. He has sat for HSC exam in this year, 2016 and will take admission in University soon. Currently, he is also involving with part time jobs.  He likes to stay in Mirpur. He have 3 brothers and 4 sisters and in fourth position among them. He likes to pass his leisure hours by gossiping with his friends.


I am well known about my surroundings.  In my childhood, school was not available here but now a days those are available here and there. There have lack of playground in my community so children’s have to play at road and frequent accidents occur. There have lack of Government hospitals in my area so peoples face lack of good treatments. When rain occur then drainage system become disrupt badly. Indeed, this is not possible for me alone to solve this problems.


Raza is a smartphone user. He uses internet regularly and his favorite applications are Facebook, Imo, Viber, Kolorob etc. For searching any places he likes to search at google and then go for Google map to find a location. Once he was searching for the main office of Fire Service near Babu Bazaar but he was not finding the way then he took assistant from Google map and navigate the area through the map for finding the location. For judging a service, he believes that proper information is needed, also services carry success histories and if people find a service well then they share with others.


I am well known about my surroundings areas popular schools like Bangla school, Janata school and also about popular hospital, fire service etc. Before Kolorob, I have heard about many of familiar schools but I didn’t not know where those are positioned but now I can search those by the application. At past days I like to ask my neighbors for searching the services. I do not find reliable information from the people’s word of mouth. If I do search for 4 number line then people show me another line direction.


From his view, the application will help the community peoples but it is needed to reach the application in every ones mobile phone. He thinks that the application is covering the information of Mirpur but it would better if it could cover the whole world or Bangladesh. He finds easier to use the application.


I have heard about Kolorob in a program of Udayan school and downloaded the application after. Though I am not regular to use the application but I helped my friend to download this application. Last I use the application for showing my friends and searched for Merry stopes hospital from the application. I usually search for health services and also education from this application.


Many people do not know about all the services, where the application will help them to know about the necessary service information. Raza visited the Bauniabadh Kiosk (information center) once. At one of Kolorob program in the community there have a drama which was presented by some of the Kolorob personnel and which he found very helpful. He thinks that if the drama can played in area channels or TV media then it could increase the publicity of the application more. He has dreams of his own and also by surroundings his community peoples where he thinks that by knowing about his dreams Kolorob can help him.


My dream is to be a SI (Sub Inspector).  In my area many children do work but cannot study due to lack of financial problems. I will like to see in future that here a school will be placed where poor children will get free education.  Some children give primary education free but children with this education can write their name only and after completing the primary education they are going for work again. As a prior initiative, we five friends opened a coaching where from class five to class eight students can get free tutorials. As this is free service so we have a number of children in the coaching. The name of the coaching is SMR (Shamim, Mamun and Raza) which has been named by our three friends. Initially we three friends started the coaching and after that two of our friends has been added here. At present there have 35 students in the coaching and we teach them after 5 pm in afternoon for two hours. I enjoy this kind of works. We have number of students but have limited place to cover them. We do not need extra cost for our activities as the place we have for our coaching center is belongs for one of our friend.


Reza is living in Mirpur for longer time though he knows about his surrounding, however he thinks that many of services is adding daily which is difficult to keep track and it is needed to know about the service information and location. Kolorob is helping the community peoples to access them surrounding essential service details information with many other facilities.

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