Kolorob / কলরব | Sajal’s journey with Kolorob
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Sajal’s journey with Kolorob

From my younger age I have been involved with social development activities. Before getting involved with the Kolorob project I was working for another project. When I found that Kolorob was working in my community, I then applied for the project and after being selected, started my journey with Kolorob. I am learning a lot of necessary things which will help me throughout my life.”

Sajal is living in Mirpur since 15 years. He is currently studying Honors in Social Work from the Asian University of Bangladesh. He enjoys spending time with his neighbors. His generally spends his day going to University classes, handling his job responsibilities and browsing through Facebook. In his community, he wants to build up awareness among his neighbors and dreams of a clean environment.

Currently, Sajal is working as a Youth Facilitator with the Kolorob project in Bauniabadh, Mirpur. He likes to browse through the different service categories from the Kolorob application, however, finds the Bazaar tool most interesting.

Before Kolorob existed, Sajal used to ask his family and neighbours for help to find services in the area, and faced challenges on numerous occasions in locating them.

“Since I became involved with Kolorob, I have learnt about how to use the internet, how to use Google Maps, how to communicate with people effectively and have received numerous trainings regarding technology.”

“The Kolorob information center in our community is one my favorite places. Peoples come here in the center for joining in social development activities. They get information about how to avail services easily. I try my best to help them to access information.”

Sajal desires to work more broadly for the society and peoples’ wellbeing, and believes that being a part of Kolorob will enable him to do so. He feels proud to be apart of Save the Children Bangladesh and believes that his experiences from this project will contribute enormously to his life journey.

“I am happy to be apart of Kolorob (project) activities in our community. I wish Kolorob will expand all over the country in Bangladesh and will continue to contribute to making people’s lives easier.”

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