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Story of Alamin

Alamin Mohammad, a 19 year old- young resident from Mirpur 11 has recently completed his HSC examination and is currently seeking admittance into his university studies.

Alamin tends to depend on word of mouth from his neighbors and other community residents in seeking service providers in his area. However, he expresses concern that the sources of information are not always reliable, and he finds himself at times, obtaining inaccurate information about services.

Alamin explained, “When my aunt was sick, she needed to get admitted to the hospital. I escorted her to the location of the hospital in Mirpur 13, but the hospital was not over there.”

“This caused me to lose a lot of extra money and time”, Alamin added.

Alamin first heard about Kolorob during one of the Kolorob ‘social excitement’ workshops in December 2015, held in Shaheen School, Paris road.

Alamin exclaims, “My dream is to be a good cricketer”.

“I can browse through the Kolorob app to locate the nearest cricket stadium and information about sports academies, clubs, accessories within his neighbourhood.”

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