Kolorob / কলরব | Tuhin’s Story
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Tuhin’s Story

Tuhin Hossain is a 19-year-old male living in Bauniabadh area, Mirpur, Dhaka. Tuhin is currently studying his first year at Bangabandhu College in Political Science. Tuhin spends most of his time with his friends at the Kolorob Kiosk in Bauniabadh. He also spends his time rehearsing plays, playing cricket and partaking in various social work activities.

Tuhin says that he is well familiarized with his area. If he is searching for a particular location, he will generally ask neighbouring residing community members how to go there. However, he does acknowledge that information can be unreliable or confusing at times. He recalls a time where he was trying to locate ICDDRB (Cholera Hospital and Research Centre) in Mohakhali but was unsure of the exact location. He asked surrounding community people where the ICDDRB centre was, but found that some told him to go right, left and straight, leading him to another unknown location. He explained that he wasted a lot of time getting lost and trying to find the location.

Tuhin first held about the Kolorob mobile app through a social excitement workshop in the Bauniabadh Kiosk. He is a new user of the Kolorob mobile app, and uses it to search for various service providers when needed. He believes that Kolorob is essential for everyone, as it includes all service provider information on what people seek.

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