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Western Sydney University

Dr Liam Magee and Dr Teresa Swist are researchers at the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University. Earlier this year, Liam and Teresa travelled to Dhaka to conduct fieldwork (21 Feb-4 March, 2016) with staff, partners and community members involved in the Kolorob app. Their main interests were to investigate how target users interact with the Kolorob app, and to further explore how NGOs and other organisations can employ social and technical innovation to address aspects of systemic urban disadvantage. As part of their data-collection, in-depth focus groups were conducted with young adults and community elders from the Paris Road and Bauniabadh districts. In addition, the researchers met with Save the Children staff and consultants to identify the challenges and opportunities of co-creating an app with community members alongside charting pathways for transitioning to a sustainable business model. Liam provides ongoing technical advice, while Teresa supports social media. More information on their work can be found on the ICS website (http://www.uws.edu.au/ics), and on their staff profiles ( http://www.uws.edu.au/ics/people/researchers/liam _mageehttp://www.uws.edu.au/ics/people/researchers/teresa_swist ).

OSM Mappers

Open Street map, an open source mapping platform is utilized in the Kolorob application. The open street community from Bangladesh collaborated with Save the Children in training over 200 students on mapping and uploading data collection. The selected mappers successfully mapped the pilot project areas in Bauniabadh and Paris Road for Kolorob. OSM Mappers have also contributed to the surveys compiling authentic information from the community to be implemented in the application. Kolorob will integrate open street mapping into its application enabling a more precise, user friendly and accurate user experience.


Kolpo began working with Save the Children in July 2015 Kolpo has played a crucial role in Kolorob’s development, designing Kolorob’s logo (brand identity), and contributing to the UX and UI design. Kolpo has been a champion supporter of our Youth Facilitators in conducting social excitement workshops in the community.


Paraa, an architectural studio, designed interactive and engaging multi-functional spaces for the Kolorob project sites in Mirpur, Dhaka. Through the design and implementation workshops, space surveys, site visits and photography/ drawings were created.. With a vision of implementing safe urban spaces for Kolorob users, Paraa created great new spaces to enable people to drop-by and chat, exchange information, and download or learn to use Kolorob.  .

Community Action

Community Action, a student-run registered social service organization partnered with Save the Children and Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) in recruiting volunteers to participate in the ‘Map Your Community’ initiative. Amonag them, 80 were selected to be trained by a leading GIS-mapping expert in ‘open- street mapping’ on how to collect and upload data from geographic locations, and how to engage with communities trained 80 young people.